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Google to punish mobile websites that use large app install ads

Google to punish mobile websites that use large app install ads Google is unhappy with some mobile developers, and starting on November 1st it is doing something about it. Google is upset at those "app install interstitial" ads that often pop up during a Google Search effort, and cover nearly all of the content. While there is usually a button to tap to decline the installation of the app, sometimes a person might accidentally tap on the wrong button and end up installing an app that he or she didn't want.

Google adds that those large interstitial ads do not provide a "good search experience" since they cover up too much of the search results. So starting on November 1st, mobile websites that use these large ads will no longer be considered "mobile-friendly" by Google. The latter suggests that instead of the large app install ads, app install banners be used instead. These offer users the same opportunity to install an app, but also keep the screen clear so that search results can be viewed. 

Some view Google's actions suspiciously. Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp, says that Google is trying to slow down app usage. "The more a user downloads apps," says the executive, "the less likely that user is to search the Web with Google." For its part, Google denies this. After all, the Google Play Store, chock full of apps, is one of the company's top revenue producers.


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